Mi Band launching in the US
To unlock an Mi smartphone via the Mi band, users just need to hold the device in the same hand as that of the smart wristband. Xiaomi

Chinese smartphone Xiaomi has officially shown off a new smart wristband, signifying its entry into the wearables segment. This smart wristband is called the Mi Band, and the USP of the gadget is its $13 pricing.

Xiaomi Mi Band is primarily designated to serve as a fitness tracker, and the smart band incorporates a 'non complex' outer design.

The Mi Band does not incorporate a standalone screen, to display information, and the gadget operates by syncing with Xiaomi smartphones (prominently the Xiaomi Mi4 dubbed as iPhone killer)

"I believe this wristband will very soon become the world's best selling wristband," said Lei Jun, CEO at Xiaomi.

Prominent Features

Xiaomi's Mi band comes with a 30-day battery life, which is quite impressive when compared to other existing smart wrist bands.

Another major highlight is the Mi ban's ability to automatically unlock user's Xiaomi Mi smartphones, without the need to input password.

To unlock an Mi smartphone, users just need to hold the device in the same hand as that of the smart wristband, which automatically unlocks the smartphone.

Xiaomi's Mi band is water resistant as well, which means that users can head to the swimming pool with the band intact around their wrists.

As the Mi band is designed to be a fitness tracker, users should be able to track their fitness levels and monitor sleep routines.

In addition to the above features, the smartband also incorporates 'sleep-cycle smart alarm' and doubles up as an alarm clock. Mi Band vibrates, when the it is synced with a smartphone, to alert users about a specific everyday routine activity.

Xiaomi's Mi band seemingly has what it takes to redefine the entire world of 'affordable wearables", when various features of the gadget such as the automatic smartphone unlock, and its affordable price tag are taken into consideration.

However, the smart band is most likely to sync only with Xiaomi's Mi smartphone range although the company could also look at incorporating cross-platform support within its smart band, to compete with big names in the wearables segment.

Xiaomi's Mi band should do well to compete with Ritot's 'Projector Watches,' which also incorporate a no-nonsense simple design, and project all information from their display, on to users' wrists.

Xiaomi's Mi band, once official, and Ritot's 'Projector Watches' could potentially end up challenging biggies such as Apple, Samsung and Google, which have exclusive wearables with exorbitant price tags.