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DIY: replace your iPhone 5 battery with a screwdriver, suction cup and a plastic opening tool Apple

iPhone 5 users no longer have to complain about the device's non-removable battery, as iFixit presents a relatively easy step-by-step guide along with video to help replace your iPhone 5 battery with a few basic tools such as screwdriver, a suction cup, a plastic opening tool and a new battery.

The replacement battery costs just £20 ($29.95) from iFixit, while iFixit's Pro Tech Toolkit is available at a discount of £20 ($30) for £47 ($69.95) as part of the Liberation week sale that ends shortly. Interested iPhone 5 users can make use of this offer until stocks last and they no longer have to wait for the long battery service procedure followed by Apple in or out of warranty.

With due credit to popular iOS device repairs company, iFixit, a new YouTube video clip is now available (see below) which clearly demonstrates the battery replacement teardown procedure in minute detail. This could save you of your time and money, while helping you avoid the frustration of delayed service jobs, shipment delays and in the worst case purchasing a new handset.

The process is fairly simple and involves removing a couple of screws next to the Lightning connector, and then prying off the display assembly with a suction cup. Finally, you need to disconnect various cables that hold the back panel parts together and then separate the battery from the adhesive that holds it in place.

Here is the complete step-by-step guide to replace your iPhone 5 battery, courtesy of iFixit:

How to Replace iPhone 5 Battery in Simple Steps

  • Ensure the iPhone is powered off before you begin dismantling the parts.
  • Remove the two 3.6mm Pentalobe screws on either side of the Lightning connector.
  • Press the suction cup on to the screen, just above the home button and make sure the cup is intact with the screen to get a tight seal.
  • After verifying that the cup is firmly attached to the front panel assembly, hold the iPhone down with one hand and pull up on the suction cup to separate the front panel assembly from the rear case. A little pressure needs to be applied to lift the display panel up with suction cup and then pry the rear case down and away from the display assembly.
  • Detach the clips along the left and right sides of the iPhone, as you keep prying open the sides of the front panel assembly.
  • After the clips come off, pull the bottom of the assembly away from the rear case using the suction cup handle. Now, carefully lift and rotate the front panel assembly up to about 90 degrees from the rear case, while taking note of the several ribbon cables that are still connected at the top of the iPhone.
  • Then remove two 1.2mm Phillips screws and one 1.6mm Phillips screw that secure the front panel assembly cable to the logic board.
  • Take off the front panel assembly cable bracket from the logic board.
  • Disconnect the three front panel assembly cables: Front-facing camera and sensor cable, Digitizer cable and LCD cable with a plastic opening tool.

NOTE: If the LCD cable comes off the connector while reassembling, it could result in white lines or no display when you Power on the phone. To resolve the issue, just reconnect the cable and then power cycle the device by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery.

  • Slowly disconnect the front panel assembly from the rear case.
  • Now remove the two metal screws (1.8mm and 1.6mm Phillips screws) connecting the metal battery connector bracket to the logic board.
  • Remove the metal battery connector bracket from the iPhone.
  • Carefully pry out the battery connector from its socket on the logic board using a plastic opening tool. Avoid contact with the logic board socket while prying up, as it may break the connector completely.
  • Insert the edge of the plastic opening tool between the battery and rear case near the bottom of iPhone.
  • Slide the plastic opening tool along the right edge of the battery and keep prying up at several points until the battery is separated from the adhesive holding it to the rear case. Avoid excessive pressure while prying it, as this may deform or damage the battery.
  • Remove the battery and replace it with a new one.

For further assistance, check out the video tutorial below:

[Source: iFixit]