Hassan Rouhani
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said the country does not need an atomic bomb Reuters

Iran's president Hassan Rouhani has said his country does not need a nuclear bomb. He also criticised nuclear powers for making the world a more dangerous place.

Rouhani condemned nuclear-armed states as hypocritical in a strongly worded speech in the city of Isfahan, south of the Iranian capital.

The Iranian president did not specifically mention the ongoing negotiations with world powers over Iran's disputed nuclear programme, although he took aim at both the United States and Israel in the address.

"They tell us: 'We don't want Iran to make atomic bombs,' you who have made atomic bombs," he said.

"Have you managed to create security for yourselves with atomic bombs? Have you managed to create security for the usurper Israel?" he said, referring to the Middle Eastern state as a "criminal."

"We don't need an atomic bomb. We have a great, self-sacrificing and unified nation. Despite pressures and sanctions, this nation sent a new satellite in to space," he said, referring to the launch of an observation satellite in to space this week.

In a swipe at Iran's old enemy, the US, Rouhani boasted of Iran's healthcare provision.

"You didn't manage to cover all your people for insurance... but my government, which serves the people, has covered everyone for insurance. You, in America didn't manage to resolve the health problem."

US president Barack Obama introduced a wide-ranging healthcare provision act during his first term but the programme suffered from a number of technical glitches when it was rolled out in 2014.

Iran has maintained that its nuclear programme is peaceful but world powers remain unconvinced that Tehran is pursuing a peaceful atomic energy strategy.