Several Iraqi doctors have been executed by the extremist group Islamic State (Isis) after they refused to treat wounded IS fighters from the frontline.

According to Rudaw news agency, doctors have been threatened with arrest and public flogging if they flatly refuse to work for IS.

Hassan Fadel Allaf, director of Ibn Sina Teaching Hospital in Mosul, told a Rudaw reporter: "Dozens of doctors in the hospital were arrested and executed because they refused to go with Isis to their strongholds, and the fate of many of them is still unknown."

At least 10 doctors from the al-Jimhuri hospital in Mosul have been arrested while a further four specialists have been executed.

Hikmat Sultan, director of Al-Salam Public Emergency Hospital in Mosul, told a Kurdish journalist that he had been arrested and held for 20 days by IS back in early August.

He said: "They also gave me 120 lashes because a number of other doctors and I refused to go to the district of Tal Afar to treat some of their militants."

"I am in my fifties, and the physical and psychological pain I endured during the flogging by those militants was beyond imagination."

Warqa Fadil, a female GP in Mosul, said that she has chosen to offer to work for IS out of fear for her life.

She said: "I am forced to obey the radicals and go out with them at any time or place. I am afraid for my safety and the future of my four children who are studying in Mosul University."

According to one female jihadi living under IS in Syrian city Tabqah, the militants have set up an all-female staffed hospital, designed to allow healthcare segregation in Raqqa.

However, the lack of qualified medical personnel has become a major problem for IS.

The female jihadi, known as Bird of Jannah on social media, recently tweeted for people with medical related degrees to get in contact.

She wrote recently: "Any Muhajirah with diploma or degree in nursing, radiography, lab tech, or anything has to do with medicine."