Iraqi forces backed by the US-led coalition have seized the al-Hurriya bridge in Mosul on Monday (6 March). The bridge, which crosses over the River Tigris, connects to the old city centre that is currently held by the Islamic State, a military media officer said.

It is the second bridge to be captured by Iraqi forces after they seized the one situated further south, in an offensive that began on 19 February. The development comes a day after the forces mounted a new push to capture west Mosul.

The five bridges across the Tigris River were destroyed in coalition air raids but the capture of the bridges will allow the government forces to gain a foothold against the Isis militants.

The bridges were destroyed with the aim of restricting the jihadists' ability to reinforce their positions during the battle in the east.

2 March 2017: Displaced residents of Mosul leave the city during an offensive by security forces to retake the western parts of the city from Islamic State (IS) group fighters Aris Messinis/AFP