The Islamic State (Isis) in Syria has reportedly executed one of its own fugitive fighters after he was arrested, dressed as a woman, trying to flee al-Mayadin city. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the man had been wanted by the organisation for some time and was executed immediately after his arrest.

It is not the first time Isis defectors have been found posing as women while attempting to flee the terror group.

In June, as Iraqi security forces battled to take back control of Fallujah, the army and the Shia militias supporting them reported the phenomenon was widespread. In one instance Iranian media sources reported that as many as six Isis fighters dressed as female refugees were detained while attempting to cross their lines.

The fighters were even described to be wearing make-up while leaving the city. As a result the Iraqi forces began screening men and teenage boys as they left Fallujah, as fighting in the city continued.

Islamic State execution
File Photo: The Islamic State (Isis) has images showing the execution of men accused of spying

Fighting between the Islamic State in Syria and regime forces has continued in al-Mayadin city and the surrounding Dier Ezzor province. According to the Syria Observatory for Human Rights, one regime soldier was killed, along with his two sisters, as Isis shelled those areas of Deir Ezzor under regime control.

Russian State media has reported that Russian long-range bombers struck Islamic State positions in and around Dier Ezzor. The Six Russian Tu-22M3s which took off from a Russian airbase hit Syrian command centres, ammunition depots and armoured vehicles, the Ministry of Defence said.

"[The bombers] which took off from a Russian air base have conducted a concentrated air strike with high-explosive munitions on IS in areas located south-west, east, and north-east of the city of Deir ez-Zor," the Russian government said in a statement.