Syrian Kurdish forces battled Islamic State (Isis) militants in the north-eastern region of Hasaka on 23 February, video uploaded on social media appears to show.

Video logoed Ragihandina YPG purported to show Kurdish YPG and YPJ fighters launching attacks with medium and heavy machine guns on Isis positions in the town of Salimeh, near to Tal Hamis in the Hasaka countryside. Smoke rises from the town due to the shelling.

Further footage on the same video purports to show a burnt-out IS armoured vehicle. A YPG fighter said all the militants in the vehicle were killed.

"Hey Brother, this is the town of Salimeh, we had clashes here and this is one of their heavy machine guns. They were shredded to pieces due to the shelling. Now this town is completely under YPG's control and the operation is still ongoing," the unnamed Kurdish fighter said.

Syrian Kurdish militia have renewed their assault on the militants, launching two offensives against them in north-east Syria on 22 February, helped from US-led air strikes and Iraqi peshmerga who have been shelling IS-held territory from their side of the nearby border.