Amateur footage has been released which shows Iraqi forces fleeing the city of Ramadi after officials in the country confirmed the city had been captured by Islamic State militants.

In the video obtained by Reuters, numerous armoured vehicles, some sporting Iraq flags, can be seen driving away from the city.

Government forces admitted the city, located just 70 miles west of Baghdad, had fallen to Isis troops on 17 May.

A spokesman for the Anbar province governor, Muhannad Haimour, confirmed the news: "Ramadi has fallen. Anbar operations command has been cleared. The city [Ramadi] was completely taken... It was a gradual deterioration. The military is fleeing."

Haimour added that the intense fighting coupled with suicide car attacks over the last two days in Ramadi have built up an estimated death toll of 500 people that included militants and civilians. Meanwhile, the International Organisation for Migration said over 8,000 people have been displaced in Ramadi in the last two days.