Protesters against the US-made anti-Islam movie Innocence of Muslims have widened their target to include the UK as well as the US with demonstrators storming the British embassy in Sudan's capital of Khartoum.

With protests escalating across the Middle East and North Africa, one demonstrator was killed and 25 injured in Tripoli, Lebanon and in Tunis thousands of protestors laid seige to the US embassy and black smoke was seen rising from its grounds.

In Sudan, more than 5,000 demonstrators converged on the UK diplomatic compound in Khartoum.

"We can confirm that a demonstration is taking place in front of the embassy and that local police are at the scene," a Foreign Office spokesman said of the situation in Sudan.

It is not known if the ambassador and members of the staff are in the building as office hours are over.

According to Reuters, Sudanese police fired teargas at the the crowd as it surged towards the embassy main gates off Sharia Al-Baladiya in Khartoum East.

The German embassy, just 400 metres away, was also under attack with demonstrators bombarding it with rocks.

The protests were urged by state-backed Islamic scholars after traditional Friday prayers with the support of the government.

Sudanese authorities has recently criticised German chancellor Angela Merkel for allowing a right-wing demonstration that saw activists brandishing caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed in Berlin.

"The German chancellor unfortunately welcomed this offence to Islam in a clear violation of all meanings of religious co-existence and tolerance between religions," Sudan's foreign ministry said.

"We have 5,000 mosques in Khartoum with two million people attending Friday prayers," Salah el-Din Awad, general secretary of the scholars' body in Khartoum, said.

"Tomorrow we will all got out to defend Prophet Mohammad We will do this peacefully but with strength."

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