Bar Noar
Tel Aviv's Bar Noar is seen after a 2009 shooting (Reuters)

Police have arrested four people in connection to a deadly shooting at a Tel Aviv LGBT youth centre that shocked the Israeli gay community in 2009.

However authorities believe the suspects were not moved by hatred towards homosexuals - as it was previously largely believed - but by personal reasons.

On August 1, 2009 a masked gunman sprayed bullets at the Bar Noar gay centre killing two - Nir Katz, 26, and Liz Triboshi, 16 - and injuring 11.

The shooting became a symbol of hatred against homosexuals in Israel and prompted bipartisan demonstrations of support to the LGBT community.

The night of the attack and the following days, protests rallies were held in several Israeli and international cities.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who then headed a government coalition including ultra-orthodox factions that strongly oppose gay rights, visited site of the shooting a week after the attack and spoke out against hatred.

But now, on the eve of Tel Aviv's Gay Pride parade, four suspects, including a prominent LGBT local community member, have been brought before an Israeli court.

The shooter and his accomplices reportedly planned the attack moved by revenge as they intended to settle a score with a LGBT community member who was at the centre.

Most of the details of the hearing are under a gag order but police said the shooting is not defined as a hate crime.

Three of the suspects, including the alleged shooter, were arrested on Wednesday.

Charges against them include two counts of murder in the first degree, 11 counts of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit a crime.

The main suspect defected from the army a day after the shooting and confessed the crime during interrogation, a police representative said at the remand hearing at a Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court.

The three have been under police surveillance for some months, during which they committed numerous offences, including breaking into vehicles and arson.

The LGBT member was arrested on Thursday. The suspect reportedly didn't take part in the shooting but had relevant information about it and has been charged with a linked crime.

The court extended by 11 days the remands of three main suspects.

Tel Aviv LGBT
Israelis at a rally against the Bar Noar shooting in Tel Aviv (Reuters)