Israeli forces clashed with West Bank settlers before dawn on 28 July during an attempt to evacuate illegal buildings following a High Court order.

Several dozen Israeli police forces and paramilitary policemen arrived at the West Bank settlement of Beit El before dawn to carry out an interim High Court order to halt the construction of two residential structures. Jewish settlers at the scene scolded the forces.

"It's really from the heart because I love you, it hurts me that this is what you are doing, fighting us instead of fighting our enemy. It's a real pity," one woman told a group of forces guarding the scene.

"You are expelling Jews from their home. Instead of destroying the Palestinians' [homes], you're destroying the Jews' [homes]," said another.

Using riot gear, the forces burst into the structures, heralding a showdown with dozens of young Jewish ultra-nationalists who barricaded themselves in one of the structures in the West Bank settlement near Ramallah.

Dozens of settlers were forcefully evacuated and dozens were arrested. No injuries were reported.

According to local Israeli media, the Beit El Local Council is preparing to file a petition to the High Court on Tuesday 28 July in an attempt to cancel the High Court decision to demolish the structures.