An Iron Dome missile interceptor has been deployed by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) to secure the burial site of former prime minister Ariel Sharon, which is within rocket-striking range of the Gaza Strip.

The missile interceptor is believed to have been deployed near Sycamore Farm, a place which had witnessed rocket strikes earlier. However, there has been no official comment on the deployment from the IDF.

"The drones, the Iron Dome, the planes, the soldiers – all the security – would not be necessary if Israel was still in control of Gaza, instead of Hamas," lawmaker Moti Yogev told Israel National News.

Security has also been beefed up for the funeral, in which scores of world leaders including US vice president Joe Biden and former British premier Tony Blair have taken part.

"We are taking the full range of possible scenarios into account. The IDF is prepared, informed and ready to respond if so required," senior police official Yoram Halevy told Israel's Army Radio.

Local reports suggest there has been no official intelligence warning over any rocket attack, but the authorities are not willing to take chances.

Israel has also warned the Islamist movement Hamas, which governs Gaza, against any attempt to jeopardise the funeral. The Israeli side has said the message has been conveyed to Gaza authorities.

"It was made clear to them that tomorrow would be a very bad day for anyone there to test Israel's patience," a security source told Reuters.

Ahead of the military funeral, two rockets from the Gaza Strip were fired, but they did not reach Israel, said the IDF.

The rockets were fired into sea causing no damage, added Israeli officials.