Israel-Palestine conflict
Israel hit with over 850 missiles in the last 72 hours. AFP News/Bashar TALEB

In the last 72 hours, over 850 missiles have been fired into Israel from the Islamic Jihad group in Gaza. The three-day attack from Gaza is part of a retaliation to the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) targeting a building that housed Islamic Jihad generals on Tuesday morning.

Among the three Islamic Jihad commanders that were killed, was a militant leader and his deputy. The IDF missile also killed at least 15 Palestinian civilians near the apartment.

IDF's targeted attack on the apartment building in Gaza.

Official sources in Israel claimed that yesterday more than 800 rockets were fired from Gaza at Israel, with one in five of the missiles landing in Gaza itself.

A young woman living in Ra'anana, North of Tel Aviv, said: "Last night I could see the rockets flying above - it was terrifying!"

The missiles fired into Rehovot, a city south of Tel Aviv, hit an apartment block, resulting in the death of two Israeli civilians and multiple injuries.

Civilian footage of the rocket attack in Rehovot.

Since Tuesday morning, the air raid siren has been heard in Tel Aviv and across Israel. After the first missiles were fired into Israel, the towns South of the city opened their communal bomb shelters to civilians. Residents living in towns close to the Gaza Strip were evacuated to hotels and other forms of accommodation in the North on Tuesday.

The young woman also told us that: "Everyone south of Tel Aviv in the towns closer to the Gaza Strip has to keep within 15 seconds of a safe room."

"The alarm is the most terrifying sound you will ever hear", she added.

"Safe rooms", widely known as "Mamad" in Hebrew, are dedicated protection rooms in the family home. In 1992, after the Gulf War, the Israeli Home Front Command employed new civil defence guidelines. These rooms act as a bomb shelter for Israeli civilians and are impermeable to chemical substances.

"My sister lives in a huge apartment building, and every flat has a room dedicated to being a safe room – every flat in the block by law since 1980," the young woman said.

A tweet that urges Israeli civilians to stay safe.

The Iron Dome, Israel's short-range air defence system, struggled to intercept the rockets flying into Tel Aviv and surrounding areas in the South. Only 179 missiles were intercepted on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Despite the Iron Dome intercepting missiles, civilians have been injured by the falling debris. The mass shelling has forced the IDF to use David's Sling defence method, which was only recently developed.

Sources have revealed that in the past, the Islamic Jihad group have been known to fire rockets from the al Wafa Hospital compound in Gaza City's Shana, and schools. The IDF has resisted firing into those areas specifically.

The young Israeli woman also stated that the IDF have "only targeted attacks to generals of the Islamic Jihad group since Monday and Tuesday."

She added: "If people were dying here then people would notice and report about it - if we didn't put all of our money into defence, we would have been annihilated years ago."

"Most people, Arab or Jew, all want peace. And I truly believe that civilians on both sides want an end to this horrible conflict and live a happy life," the young woman concluded.

Earlier today, the IDF targeted another general of the Islamic Jihad group. Eyad Al-Hasani, a member of the Islamic Jihad's top military council, was the 6th member of the group to be killed.

The constant missiles being fired from the Islamic Jihad group in Gaza into the South of Israel continues. Hamas, the ruling government in Gaza, has had no known involvement in the current airstrikes. The Iron Dome has prevented any deaths in Israel so far today.