ivanka trump
Ivanka Trump's old tweet in which she misquoted Albert Einstein resurfaced over the weekend and Twitter couldn't help but mock her for it. NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

US President Donald Trump's eldest daughter Ivanka Trump was mercilessly trolled on Twitter after an old tweet in which she misquoted Albert Einstein recently resurfaced. Back in June 2013, Trump tweeted: "'If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts.' - Albert Einstein #quote #sunday".

However, as many Twitter users pointed out, the famed theoretical physicist never said that.

On Monday (24 July), Greenlight, the official representative of the Albert Einstein Estate also confirmed that Einstein never said the quote in question and suggested a book for anyone looking to quote the scientist in the future: "The Ultimate Quotable Einstein."

Some popular quote websites such as BrainyQuote.com have also mistakenly attributed the quote to Einstein as well.

Meanwhile, Twitter users swiftly pounced on the chance to mock Trump and share the tweet. Many seized the opportunity to come up with their own sarcasm-laden, misattributed quotes.

"'I'mma let you finish, but Beyonce had the best album ever.' - Benjamin Franklin", one person tweeted.

Another Twitter user wrote: "'Don't believe everything you read on the internet.' - Abraham Lincoln."

Others poked fun at the White House adviser over the context of the misquote itself.

"The fact that Einstein never said any such thing only makes this tweet that much more perfect", one Twitter user wrote. Another tweeted: "She illustrated her point well."

"I laughed so hard at this, it so perfectly embodies this dumpster-fire that is the Trump Presidency", one person chimed.