James Allen, 36, was arrested on Sunday morning in connection with the recent double murder case.

The suspect was arrested in connection with the murder of 81-year-old Colin Dunford and 50-year-old Julie Davison. Dunford was found dead last Monday in Middlesbrough while Davison's body was found in Whitby on Wednesday in their respective houses.

Allen was arrested in South Leeds and the Cleveland Police Spokesperson said: "A 36-year old man has been arrested in South Leeds at around 7:20 am today (Sunday) on suspicion of murder in connection with both incidents and inquiries are ongoing," reported the BBC.

"Cleveland Police and North Yorkshire Police would like to thank members of the public for their support in this matter," the spokesperson added.

Both the victims Dunford and Davison suffered serious head injuries and police described the deaths as brutal.

"An off-duty officer travelling to work this morning saw a man fitting the description of James Allen on Crown Point Road in Leeds.

They called for colleagues in support who arrived quickly and an arrest was made. "We would like to thank all members of the community who have been contacting us to assist in this matter," ITV quoted a West Yorkshire Police official Mark Milsom as saying.

Earlier on Saturday, Chief Superintendent Gordon Lang said: "The photographs will show James Allen throughout the course of the week and show signs of hair growing through at both sides his head," quoted the Daily Record.

The police had confirmed the suspect was spotted in Leeds on three different occasions since Friday.

Supposing that someone might be helping Allen, Lang added: "This is not the time for loyalty. This is the time to help the police. This is a man clearly very dangerous and cannot be allowed to be at large."

They had also cautioned the public not to approach the suspect but to alert the police immediately.

"We are putting absolutely everything into finding him, tracking him down and bringing him to justice." Lang had added.

More than 100 officers were involved in the operation. The suspect reportedly had criminal convictions in the past.