James Bond Spectre
Daniel Craig looking cool as he plays suave British spy, James Bond Reuters

With beautiful women and action-packed scenes, the world's favourite spy has been taking Mexico City by storm during the filming of the franchise's 24<sup>th Hollywood blockbuster, Spectre.

Parts of the oldest capital city in the Americas, such as the iconic Plaza de la Constitució, were closed for four days to allow the film crew to record the movie's intense opening scene.

"It's more [a challenge] for the city than for us," says second unit director Alexander Witt. "For them to shut down a square where all the roads come together and traffic converges. Especially having the White House – or the Mexican White House – across the street. Logistically and from a security perspective, that's a challenge."

The introduction takes place amidst the backdrop of the Day of the Dead parade, a Mexican holiday during which deceased loved ones are remembered.

More than 1,500 local extras were enlisted to recreate the vibrant atmosphere as James Bond – played by Daniel Craig – tries to blend into the crowd, albeit in a sharp suit, before furiously pursuing another man who attempts to flee via helicopter.

Skyfall director, Sam Mendes reprises his role for another instalment of 007.

"Day of the Dead has been such a magical experience," says production designer Dennis Gassner. "When we decided to do this, I was so happy… What you're seeing is my imagination. You're seeing inside my head."

Of course, none of the above would scream James Bond without a fight ensuing mid-air, and action scene fanatics will be pleased to know that the pilot, Chuck Aaron, is the only man in the world who can do a 360 degree flip in the chopper.

Spectre, which reportedly has a $300m (£201.69m) budget, features three Bond girls including Mexican actress Stephanie Sigman as Estrella, French actress Léa Seydoux as Dr Madeleine Swann, and veteran Italian actress Monica Bellucci as Lucia Sciarra.

Spectre is due for release on 6 November. Click here to watch the official trailer on the 007 website.