James Milner
James Milner scored for Liverpool against Brisbane Roar. Getty

Brendan Rodgers has revealed that Liverpool worked hard in completing the signing of midfielder James Milner.

The England international left Manchester City and joined the Merseyside club on a free transfer. Lack of playing time, coupled with making him play out of his preferred position was the reason behind his decision to leave the Etihad.

Milner admitted the chance to play in the central midfield position convinced him to join Liverpool. He was impressive during the Reds' 2-1 victory over Brisbane Roar as he managed to get his name on the team sheet by scoring the winner in the 75th minute.

The former Swansea boss claims his ability to play in several positions cost him the chance to play in the centre of the park. Rodgers remains confident he can get the best out of Milner by playing him in the centre midfield.

"James Milner is a class act. We had to work very hard to get him in but we will see over the course of the season how important he is for us," Rodgers explained, as quoted by the Liverpool Echo.

"He has a wonderful personality and is a top class footballer. When you see him playing in his favourite position, all his qualities come out.

"We wanted more goals from midfield and with James that was the idea. When he plays in that central area he can really penetrate the box.

"He got in a number of times before he got his goal. He's a top class operator. Playing in this team he will probably shine even more. Players will always have a favourite position. Sometimes when you are such a great professional you can get moved about."

"It's an attribute that's good to have as a player but every player will want to play in their main position. James probably suffered a bit from being such a good footballer. He played right-back, wide left, wide right, as a striker and as a midfielder."

"Probably the best season he ever had was at Aston Villa playing as a centre midfield player. He's going to be huge for us and working close at hand with him I can see why he's regarded as such a top class professional," the Liverpool boss concluded.