Raheem Sterling
Raheem Sterling Reuters

Former Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp has compared Reds' young schemer Raheem Sterling to Manchester City playmaker David Silva.

The former England international believes that Sterling has most of the skills Silva possesses and has the 'destructive pace' that can unlock defenses at will.

Redknapp also feels that the young Liverpool midfielder is currently England's best player and credits Brendan Rodgers for developing him into the player he is today.

"Raheem Sterling is England's David Silva. He doesn't manipulate the ball like the Spaniard, but he can play between the lines and he has something Silva doesn't have: destructive pace," Redknapp wrote in the Daily Mail.

"He is such a weapon for England and Liverpool. He is now our best player — aged 19 — and defenders are frightened of him.

"The pass he delivered for the goal was with his left foot and I can't see a weakness in his game. Credit to Brendan Rodgers for developing him and he will get better," the former Tottenham midfielder continued.

Redknapp believes that the Three Lions midfielder should be allowed to play through the middle (behind the striker) as that is his best position despite him operating through the wings for club and country on most occasions.

"England have to play him through the middle. That's where the best players play. Get him on the ball and facing up to defenders. He will win free-kicks and penalties and he will score goals," the former Liverpool star concluded.