Seikou Yamaoka, a Japanese office worker in the central Japanese city of Osaka, has created a name for himself as a maestro in finger painting.

However his art is unlikely to get under fingernails as it is all digital and on an iPad.

Yamaoka has a degree in art but as he believed he could not live as an artist, he became a full time employee at a games company after graduating university.

After a seven year break Yamaoka returned to painting again, but found he had trouble finding time for his creative endeavours.

"I spend most of my time at the office these days, and only really get time to paint my water-colours at home on the weekends. I was really fed up because I wanted to make more art. So my solution to that was to start painting on my iPhone and iPad on the train during my morning commute to work," Yamaoka said.

The app Yamaoka uses cost less than £3 but with it he's drawn everything from replicas of classic masterpieces to original portraits and compositions.

His skills with digital finger painting has also made him something of an internet sensation, with each YouTube video showing him painting on his iPad getting over 100,000 hits every time.

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