Jason Momoa as Aquaman Warner Bros. official

The filming for Jason Momoa's Aquaman movie is on full swing in Australia. While there is little information about the film's plot, new on-set images have revealed the home of Arthur Curry, the alter ego of the aquatic superhero.

An Australian media recently released a series of pictures revealing the cast and crew in action at the Gold Coast in Queensland.

According to the pictures, which were shared by, the crew is currently filming with huge water tanks with blue background, which will be edited later using special effects.

A fishing village has been set up at The Spit, Gold Coast with "two-storey shipping containers dressed as the Amnesty Bay Fish Co-Op," the home of Aquaman's alter ego, Arthur. The filming spot features multiple buildings including one which appears to be a shop named Sunken Galleon.

Momoa and his body double, were reportedly was spotted filming at The Spit. His co-stars Temuera Morrison (who plays Aquaman's adopted father Thomas Curry) and Otis Dhanji (young Arthur) were also seen at the same place. The scene is rumoured to feature a handful of mean-looking bikers, and anticipations are high that the crew is filming for a high-octane action sequence featuring the biker gang and the King of Atlantis, who has disguised himself as a human.

Production will continue at the Gold Coast for the next six months for the film, which will narrate the untold story of the aquatic superhero in the DC Extended Universe. Warner Bros. Pictures and DC are yet to release the highly anticipated film's synopsis and plot possibilities keeping fans intrigued about the movie, which is expected to break box office records.

While there is little information about the trident-wielding aqua king's adventures in the movie, it is assumed that he will struggle to balance his life on earth as an ordinary man.

The Game of Thrones actor has previously showed off his temporary fish scale tattoos on his arms and back in a video he shared on his Instagram account. "All work and no climbing makes Jason a dull boy. Sending My new @soill fat butt campus wall. Aloha AC," he captioned the video of his extreme workout.

Momoa has previously teased his character's dilemma as he remains trapped between the two worlds. "The guy was never really accepted on land, and he was never really accepted in Atlantis. He's a half-breed. But he's the best of both worlds. He just doesn't know how to handle his powers." he told GQ in April.

Before the high-sea adventure saga, which is scheduled to hit theatres in 2018, fans will see their favourite Aquatic superhero in the upcoming superhero assemble film, Justice League that will hit the theatres in November this year.