Jason Momoa's Khal Drogo may return
Jason Momoa's Khal Drogo died in season one of Game Of Thrones Gustavo Caballero/Getty

After leaving a lasting impact on fans as Khal Drogo in Game Of Thrones, Jason Momoa is all set to return to the big screen as Aquaman. DC Extended Universe is set to explore the untold story of the aquatic superhero and according to the actor, he is going to "set the tone" for the film since he is the first actor to play the role.

"We've never really seen anything from this guy before, so it's fun to have a level playing field. There aren't like four Aquaman before me. I get to set the tone for it," he told GQ.

In the film, the trident-wielding Aquaman struggles to balance his life on earth as a normal human being and that of a king of Atlantis, the aquatic world filled with sea monsters and precious treasures.

According to DC, the superhero was born on Earth as Arthur Curry to the exiled Queen of Atlantis. He was raised by his adoptive father Thomas Curry and remained puzzled about the superhuman powers he possessed until he realised where he truly belonged. However, balancing both the worlds was never easy for the King of Atlantis.

Speaking about Aquaman's identity battle in the upcoming film, Momoa says: "The guy was never really accepted on land, and he was never really accepted in Atlantis. He's a half-breed. But he's the best of both worlds. He just doesn't know how to handle his powers. So it's kind of a coming of age for a young man to a man, or a man to a king. He's lost a lot of things and he's got to cope. He's an outsider."

The high-sea adventure saga is directed by James Wan and will hit theatres in 2018. But fans won't have to wait longer as Zack Snyder's Justice League, which will premiere in November this year, will have plenty of Aquaman moments along with other superheroes from the DC Extended Universe.

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Jason Mamoa sets the tone for his titular character Aquaman Warner Bros. Pictures