Jessie J's new album is due out this year (Reuters)
Do It Like A Dude singer previously claimed she was attracted to men and women.

Jessie J has admitted that she is 100% straight after years of claiming to be bisexual.

The Do It Like A Dude hitmaker, who previously revealed that she was attracted to men and women, said that although she had experimented it was just a 'phase'.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, she confessed that she was no longer interested in having a same-sex relationship.

"For me, it was a phase. But I'm not saying bisexuality is a phase for everybody," she told the newspaper.

"I did talk about it, and I was open about it, and I do support being lesbian/ gay/ bisexual/ transgender - love who you want. That's what I'm doing."

The 26-year-old star, who has been romantically linked to Tinie Tempah and Ashley Cole in the past, is now looking for a nice guy to settle down with.

She said: "I don't regret anything I ever said, but I never knew back then that whatever I said became a fact that I couldn't change. I'm just so bored of it, and that's kind of it - I want to stop talking about it completely now and find myself a husband.

"It's a true struggle. All the chick flicks that didn't make sense to me, I now understand - 'Sex and the City' is real!"

While the former Voice coach may have offered fans a rare glimpse into her chaotic personal life, don't expect her to label her sexuality anytime soon.

"I'm not anything. I'm aware of who I want to be and I want to marry a man. That's it," she added.