Bray Wyatt's WWE run as world champion kicked off after he won the title by defeating top five wrestlers at Elimination Chamber. Now that the "Eater of the Worlds" is the newly-crowned champion, the WWE universe has been intensely speculating until when he will hold on to his belt.

Jim Ross is of the view that Wyatt could have a long run as the WWE champion and become a bigger name than he already is as the wrestling entertainment company banks on his potentials.

"Bray Wyatt winning the WWE Title was strategic for sure. Wyatt is a significant, character baby face in the making IMO and the fans at the live events in the arenas seem to agree," the WWE Hall of Famer said in his blog post.

"The entertaining and memorable Fire Fly entrance is pure 'face and let's not forget that Wyatt's grandfather, Blackjack Mulligan was one of the great character' faces of all time as was Bray's mentor Dusty Rhodes," Ross wrote.

"Bray has worked hard on his in ring game, promos and his physique and conditioning which is admirable. He hasn't been afraid to try new material and he doesn't have the same match every outing on TV as many of his peers often times do. Bray Wyatt is a timeless talent who would be a star in any era that I have been a part of the past 40 years," he added.

Meanwhile, Randy Orton – who won the right to challenge the WWE world champion after he came on top at Royal Rumble Battle Royal – has turned down a fight with Wyatt for the title at WrestleMania 33, which takes place at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida on 2 April 2017.

However, The Viper could fight for the WWE World Championship at the pay-per-view (PPV) event but it all depends on whether Wyatt remains the WWE champion until then.

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