John McAfee arrested for drug driving
John McAfee was arrested in Tennessee for driving under the influence of drugs and possessing a handgun while intoxicated Reuters

John McAfee, the eccentric antivirus pioneer, was arrested in Tennessee for driving under the influence of drugs and possessing a handgun while intoxicated.

McAfee, who writes regular columns for IBTimes UK, admitted he was under the influence of drugs when stopped by the police but in a post on Facebook, said it was a failure on his doctor's part to tell him he couldn't drive:

"Yes, I was arrested while under the influence of Xanax. It was a brand new prescription received the same day of the arrest, and the physician neglected to warn me about driving while taking it. As to the weapons, I always carry them and, unless one is impaired, they are legal to possess and carry."

McAfee posted a picture of his prescription as proof of his claim. In the Facebook post McAfee also claims to have been involved in a shootout with the police, something which has not been reported by the police themselves:

"The shootout with the police was highly exaggerated and in fact no one was even hit by a bullet, let alone harmed by one. The police knew me and I don't believe their hearts were truly in the shootout, as it is not included in the official report. When I ran out of ammunition, I surrendered quietly and the officers and my self had a cigarette together and joked about my bad aim."


However speaking to McAfee over email, the software pioneer said he "doesn't recall a shootout" and that the post was "just one of my jokes". IBTimes UK has also contacted the Henderson County Police Department in Tennessee where he was arrested to clarify what happened, but to date we have not had a response.

John McAfee arrest mugshot
John McAfee laughing after arrest for driving under the influence of Xanax Henderson County Police

In a mugshot taken by police, McAfee is seeing laughing after his arrest which occurred on Sunday night (2 August) on Highway 22 in Henderson county. Sheriff Brian Duke confirmed to the Jackson Sun that the software pioneer was arrested on Sunday night.

McAfee has a reputation of attracting trouble wherever he goes and typically refuses to reveal his location, saying that he is constantly on the move while he believes officers from various law enforcement agencies track his every move.

McAfee has made no secret of his use of mind-altering drugs in the past and was even arrested for unlicensed drug manufacturing in Belize before he fled the country where he was wanted for questioning in connection with the murder of his neighbour.

The Belize government has since stopped actively seeking McAfee's arrest but it has auctioned off his assets and his home burned down under suspicious circumstances.