Johnny Depp's former business managers have counter-sued the Hollywood star, claiming only he is to blame for his financial woes. According to the Management Group, who filed court documents on Tuesday (31 January), he refused to heed their warning to halt his lavish lifestyle, which cost more than $2m (£1.6m) a month to maintain.

The firm's legal action – filed in Los Angeles Superior Court− states that Depp, who sued them for $25m on 13 January, spent more than $75m (£59.6m) on 14 homes and had a penchant for expensive wine that set him back $30,000 a month.

"Depp, and Depp alone, is fully responsible for any financial turmoil he finds himself in today," the lawsuit, obtained by Deadline, stated.

"He has refused to live within his means, despite... repeated warnings about his financial condition."

The counter-lawsuit lists a 150ft yacht, frequent trips on private planes and a failed record label amongst his most extravagant expenses.

Depp, who is worth an estimated $400m and commands a fee of $20m per film, was seeking compensation for unauthorised loans worth $10m and overpay for services and the failure to file his taxes on time, which led to him paying $5.7m in penalties.

Joel Mandel and Robert Mandel, who are driving forces behind The Management Group and have handled the 53-year-old's finances since 1999, previously denied any wrongdoing, branding the lawsuit a "complete fabrication".

"For 30 years, Joel and Rob Mandel, and their company the Management Group have been trusted business managers to some of the most successful individuals and companies, in the entertainment business," they said in a statement. "For 17 of those years, they did everything possible to protect Depp from his irresponsible and profligate spending."

Depp's latest legal wrangling comes just days after he finalised his divorce to Amber Heard, which paved the way for a $7m payout in her favour. As part of the settlement, The Rum Diaries actress waived her previous request for a continued restraining order against Depp.

Johnny Depps alleged extravagant purchases

$75 million to buy and maintain 14 homes including one in the Bahamas

$18m on 150 ft yacht

$4m on a failed record label

$3m to blast Hunter S Thompson's ashes out of a cannon

$300K a month to maintain a staff of 40 people

$200K a month on private planes

$150K a month on round-the-clock security

12 storage facilities to maintain collections of fine art and memorabilia