Jordan Spieth
Jordan Spieth enjoyed a great year in 2015 Reuters

Jordan Spieth thinks it is "premature" to compare him to Tiger Woods. The 22-year-old Texan has equalled Woods record of seven PGA Tour titles before the age of 23 after winning the Tournament of Champions in Hawaii by eight shots.

However, Spieth has insisted it is far too early to be drawing parallels between himself and his fellow American. He did, however, admit to being inspired by Woods' achievements when he was a child.

"I just think it's premature but I'll say that probably my entire career," Spieth said, according to The Guardian. "There's just such an age gap. I understand comparisons are going to be there. I hope they continue to be there, that means I'm still in the same ballpark as he is. But at the same time I grew up watching Tiger. I know what he did and I just find it hard to believe that it can be matched.

"I know we're in a position now where we're actually maybe ahead of the curve age-wise. But, boy, it would be hard to believe I could be compared to him over the entire course of a career. I hope that's the case, I'm certainly going to strive for it. But what he has done for the game of golf is something special and I just don't feel I deserve to necessarily be compared to him right now. Maybe I do, I don't know. Personally I don't think so."

Spieth won two majors and became world number one in 2015. However, he admitted it will be difficult to repeat the success this year.

"Everyone has their opinions, it's their right. But I still think it's going to be very difficult to have a year like last year. The calendar changed, we're still there. There is no reason that my game should change with the calendar. It certainly didn't. If anything, I felt we have even improved in this off season," he said.

"The expectations after the Masters last year, definitely more so after the US Open; obviously there were the questions about the grand slam. And it will still be there. It's the target on my back. It's just what comes with what I love to do.

"I guess accepting that is the first step. Just accepting that everything's in the spotlight, everything's going to be judged."