• The Portuguese coach is set to speak for the first time since becoming United boss.
  • Mourinho set to be asked about United's summer transfer plans.
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Jose Mourinho press conference

  • United boss says Old Trafford club is biggest in the UK.
  • Mourinho defends record of promoting young players.
  • Portuguese admits he is frustrated not to be in the Champions League.
  • Mourinho does not see Rooney's future as a midfielder.

Well, that was some predictably interesting stuff from Jose Mourinho, the undoubted highlight of which was when he threatened to read out the 49 names of players who he has promoted to first-team football.

Hopefully, there will be some more similarly entertaining stuff from him throughout his time at United.

Anyway, that's all we have for you this morning - thanks for joining our live blog and be sure to check out the IBTimes UK site for some post-press conference reaction throughout the day.

Nick Howson at Old Trafford

Charismatic, humorous and entertaining; Jose Mourinho has lost none of his charm since being sacked by Chelsea. Though he commented on his transfer policy and the exit of Ryan Giggs, his prickly reaction to questions over his youth policy must be considered the highlight. Mourinho brought with him a full list of the 49 players he has brought through at academy level in his notebook and was certainly very confrontational when quizzed over his history with academy players.

Where does Jose Mourinho see Wayne Rooney's future?

"There are many jobs on the field. One of hardest to find is the one that puts the ball in the net," Mourinho says. "He will never be a number six or playing 50 metres from the goal.

"To be there and to put the ball in the net is the most difficult thing. He will be a number nine, a ten, a nine and a half ... but not a six or even an eight."

Wayne Rooney prepares for the game
Wayne Rooney played in midfield for England at Euro 2016 Getty

Mourinho on advice from Sir Alex Ferguson:

"Fergie told me to bring an umbrella. It was great advice! He told me to bring a bottle of wine because we'll have many chances to be together."

Sir Alex Ferguson
Former United boss Sir Alex Ferguson Getty Images

Mourinho says United are the UK's biggest club:

"I have to say I am the manager of the biggest club in the UK. I am going to focus on our job. I have the same respect for every manager and opponent."

Old Trafford
Getty Images

Mourinho on Ryan Giggs' decision to leave United:

"It is not my responsibility that Ryan is not in the club. The job Ryan wanted the club decided to give me. Ryan wanted to be Manchester United manager. From this moment he wants to be a manager. Sixteen years ago I decided the same. Ryan made his decision.

"He could be what he wants at the club. The club wanted to give him any important job but he made a decision. He was brave and honest, so good luck. If he wants to come back then I will never stop him."

Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford
Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford Getty Images

On transfers:

"I am very clear in my approach and model to play and I need specialists in that. I like one or two multi-functional because you need them when you are in a bit of trouble.

"I want specialists. We decided four targets. Until we have the fourth, we are still working hard. Myself, the structure, Mr Woodward, the owners - we are working hard on that. When we have the fourth, I breathe, we all breathe. We will not get the fourth on 31st August. We will get it before that and then we are stable."

Paul Pogba
Paul Pogba has been linked with a return to Old Trafford this summer. Getty Images

Mourinho is asked about his record of promoting young players, and he's come prepared to answer that question, pulling out a list of names.

He said: "You know how many players I appreciate from academies? 49. 49. 49. I promote 49 players from academies.

"Two factors that are very important in this record. Sometimes you promote players because you have so many injuries you don't have another choice. You have to bring them up from the Academy because you have lots of players that are injured.

"The second factor is when you are not playing to your targets, it is easier to bring them up."

He adds: "My record of injuries is very, very low. I never promote players because of a need. I do it because of conviction. Leicester was the only season of my career that I was not fighting for the title.

"In every other season winning, or finishing second, I was fighting for the title until the last moment."

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho poses for a picture at Old Trafford Getty Images

Mourinho looks forward to working again:

"For United fans success was routine, I want the players to forget the last few years. Because what is to do better? To finish 4th? I am 53, I am a very young manager, if I am not going for big challenges then I am in trouble.

"The reality I was in trouble for the last five months. The first month was fine, the second not so good and the rest a disaster."

Jose Mourinho
Mourinho left Chelsea in December 2015 Getty Images

Asked about how many more signings he wants, Mourinho says: "I don't know. I think the third player is official, right?"

He adds: "We are not making the fourth signing on August 31, no way."

Henrikh Mkhitaryan
Mkhitaryan appears to be on the brink of joining United. Getty Images

Nick Howson at Old Trafford:

Mourinho began in a very considered, even subdued address but nine minutes in and we have the first swipe at a rival manager. Inevitably, Arsene Wenger is on the receiving end, leading to a ripple of laughter among the media. Expect that to be the first of many.

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho has been unveiled at Old Trafford Getty Images

Mourinho on his approach:

"I was never very good playing with words or hiding behind words, and hiding behind philosophies. I was never good at that. I never tried to be good on that.

"I was always much more aggressive in my approach with the risks that obviously can bring. It would be easy, even honest and pragmatic from my side, to focus on we don't qualify for the Champions League."

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho was appointed Manchester United manager in May after the dismissal of Louis van Gaal Getty

Mourinho appears to take a dig at Arsene Wenger:

"There are some managers, the last time they won a title was 10 years ago, the last time I won was a year ago.

"I feel I have to prove - not to the others - to myself. I will never be able to work without success. That's my nature. If I have something to prove, imagine the others! To finish fourth is not the aim."

Mourinho Wenger

More on the Champions League:

"Manchester United is a Champions League club. In July 2017, instead of waiting for Europa League play-offs, we make sure this club is where it is meant to be - the Champions League."

Champions League trophy
Getty Images

Jose Mourinho, on United not playing in the Champions League:

"It comes at the right time in my career. I'm a bit frustrated that I am not playing Champions League. Hopefully it is only one season we are not there."

On his style of play:

"Playing well is to score more goals than the opponent, concede less goals and to make your fans proud. We want everything at the same time. This is an aggressive approach. I want everything."

Jose Mourinho

Nick Howson at Old Trafford

The major theme of these early comments are surrounding the fact Manchester United are not in next season's Champions League. I wonder how much of a stumbling block was that in talks between both parties?

Right, Mourinho is here. Time for the real business to start, then.

He says: "I arrive into a club that is difficult to describe. I don't like the nomination that many people use, dream job.

"This is reality - I am Manchester United manager. It is a job that everyone wants and not many have had the chance to have. I have it. I know the responsibility, expectation and the legacy of this club. I know what the fans expect from me. This challenge doesn't make me nervous."

It is more than 12 years since Mourinho first announced himself to United fans. A last-minute winner for Porto in their memorable Champions League tie against the Red Devils caused Mourinho to go sprinting up the touchline with his arms in the air.

Since then, the Portuguese has slowed down a bit and won many, many more trophies, too. Now, finally, he is set to be unveiled as the club's new boss, replacing Louis van Gaal at Old Trafford.

Around 15 minutes to go now until the start of the press conference. And while the eyes of the sporting world may be fixed on Euro 2016 for the next week or so, everyone is taking a little break for this one-off event at Old Trafford.

The room is filling up fast as everyone patiently awaits Mourinho's arrival. In the meantime, my colleague Tony Mogan has claimed Mourinho can end anti-youth perception during his United tenure.

Timothy Fosu-Mensah
Timothy Fosu-Mensah impressed after making his first-team debut in February Getty Images

Mourinho officially started work for United yesterday (4 July) and since signing his contract with the Red Devils, the Premier League-winning coach has decided to join Instagram.

That means he has given United fans and others a behind-the-scenes look into his day-to-day work. Here he is arriving in the city on Sunday evening...

i am here/UNITED we can👍

A video posted by Jose Mourinho (@josemourinho) on

Jose Mourinho arrives in Manchester, England. Jose Mourinho Instagram

Two other names that seem certain to crop up during the press conference are those of Ryan Giggs, who recently ended his 29-year association with the club, and Pep Guardiola, who has taken over at United's cross-town rivals Manchester City.

Mourinho and Guardiola have endured a frosty relationship during their time in charge of Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively.

Meanwhile, it's been suggested Mourinho did not want Giggs as part of his first-team coaching staff, and that's why the 42-year-old has decided to leave Old Trafford.

Pep Guardiola Jose Mourinho
Pep Guardiola Jose Mourinho are set to clash in Manchester this season Getty

Shortly before the press conference gets going, Mourinho will walk out onto the turf at Old Trafford and have his photograph taken on the pitch, presumably with a shirt and a scarf.

Then, he'll head back indoors to face the world's media...

A United fan outside Old Trafford
A United fan outside Old Trafford Getty Images

Prior to this morning, Mourinho has only spoken briefly about his much-discussed move to Manchester United.

During an interview with MUTV, Mourinho told United's players and fans to forget about the last three years, and focus on the future.

"I feel great. I think it comes in the right moment of my career because Man United is one of these clubs where you need really to be prepared for it because it is what I call a giant club," Mourinho told United's in-house TV station MUTV.

"Giant clubs must be for the best managers and I think I am ready for it, so I could say I am happy, I am proud, I am honoured."

Another big talking point surrounding Mourinho's move concerns his handling of young players.

United promoted the likes of Marcus Rashford and Timothy Fosu-Mensah to the first-team last season - but will they be given the chance to shine by Mourinho?

Marcus Rashford
Marcus Rashford was part of the Manchester United side that lifted the FA Cup last season Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

There are around 45 minutes until the start of the press conference and as we wait for it to get going, Nick Howson has been giving us a behind-the-scenes look at what's going on around Old Trafford this morning.

IBTimes UK at Jose Mourinho press conference. Follow our live coverage here:

Posted by International Business Times UK on Tuesday, July 5, 2016

As well as being asked about incoming transfers, Mourinho is likely to be asked about outgoing players, too.

Among the players who have been linked with moves away from Old Trafford since his arrival have been Marcos Rojo and Juan Mata, who Mourinho sold during his second spell in charge of Chelsea.

Will Mata still be at Old Trafford when the new season gets under way? We might get a hint or two in a little bit...

Juan Mata
Juan Mata has been linked with a move to Everton Getty Images

Since Mourinho's arrival, the Portuguese has already made a number of significant moves, including the signings of Eric Bailly and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The Swede, in particular, is a player who is sure to get United fans excited as they look forward to the new campaign.

Ibrahimovic, 34, spoke about his relationship with the self-proclaimed Special One after completing his switch to Old Trafford.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Zlatan Ibrahimovic recently completed his move to Manchester United Handout/UEFA via Getty Images

IBTimes UK Sport Editor Nick Howson is in place at Old Trafford and he'll bring us updates from the press conference throughout the morning.

Before then, though, it's worth reflecting on the questions Mourinho is likely to be asked once the press conference gets going.

Jose Mourinho
Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho Getty

Good morning and welcome to IBTimes UK's live coverage of Jose Mourinho's first press conference as Manchester United manager.

There will be plenty of questions asked of the outspoken new boss when the presser gets under way from 11am.

We'll bring you live updates here, so stay tuned...