Two guests on a Jordanian debate programme let their opinions get the better of them and smashed up the studio after they got into a fight live on-air.

Journalists Shaker al-Johari and Mohammad al-Jayousi were discussing the Syrian crisis on 7 Stars TV's Between Opposing Opinions when the debate got a bit too heated.

Jayousi accused Johari of being "deviant" in his backing of the revolution in Syria.

Johari retorted that his colleague was paid for cheerleading President Bashar al-Assad. Jayousi then shouted: "Shut up".

The pair jumped up out of their seats and started wrestling around the desk, pulling off the table top and jabbing it at each other.

Show host Zuhair al-Azza unsuccessfully tried to calm them down. Production staff intervened but Johari managed to aim a kick at his opponent before he was pulled away.

No action was taken against the pair.