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Justice league stars Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, and Ray Fisher. Warner Bros

If director and producer Kevin Smith's words are to be believed, DC is just doing fine by departing from the conventional style of superhero movies as set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And in his opinion, it is because there's no such thing as a bad comic book movie and the fact that the Warner Bros studio is focused on trying a bunch of interesting things.

With just about a month left before the greatest heroes of DC Extended Universe join forces in the upcoming ensemble movie, Justice league; Smith is dishing on the future of DC films, the much-anticipated Martin Scorsese-produced Batman movie, and the age-old rivalry between DC and Marvel.

"I know they're deviating from the Marvel template of, like, 'We'll make a bunch of characters, and then a reunion movie. Buncha characters, reunion movie,'" Smith said, discussing the doubts over the moderate success of DCEU flicks.

"Instead, Warner Brothers seem to be going with, 'Well, we tried that, and we're gonna keep doing it on the side, but we're not gonna limit ourselves. We're gonna do a bunch of other interesting things.' They're trying to forge their way in the superhero space. So I think it's interesting, I'm not against that at all," the filmmaker added, explaining what lies ahead for DC fans.

Warner Bros launched themselves into the world of shared-slash-extended comic book universe with 2016's Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Following which, there were other iterations in the form of Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad, which is set to be topped-off by Justice League releasing in November 2017.

Speaking about this ongoing trend of interconnected universe and cross-overs, Smith said, "We live in a world where these movies can cross over and stuff, I'm happy to get the ones that can, but if they don't cross 'em over that's totally okay with me. As long as they're good, as long as they try."

Despite the debate over DC's module vis a vis Marvel's immensely-popular solo-movie-followed-by-superhero-team-ups; Smith remained hopeful about the off-beats like the latest Joker origin film – which has Todd Phillips serving as director and Scorsese shouldering production.

"If Martin Scorsese jumps onto a Batman movie, we're gonna see some s**t. Not bad s**t, the good s**t that we all dream about. Goodfellas in a DC universe movie? I'm there, take all my money," he added.

Kevin Smith
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