Juventus is in danger of failing to secure a 10th consecutive Serie A title this season. As it stands, they are trailing ten points behind leaders AC Milan, and are also behind Internazionale by six points and are also behind Roma, Sassuolo and Napoli.

Is it the end of an era? It very well could be. They have a lot of ground to cover, and will also be hoping that Milan will start to falter later in the season.

So what's troubling the Old Lady? It appears that their offence has been sloppy as of late. Cristiano Ronaldo has not been in his usual impressive form, and Alvaro Morata has failed to pick up the slack. Meanwhile, Pirlo does not appear to have enough confidence in Paulo Dybala to utilise him well alongside or in the absence of Ronaldo. The team suffered when the Portuguese star was sidelined for over three weeks because of the coronavirus, but they did not do much better now that he is back.

Juventus only managed a draw against Atalanta last week, and were hammered 0-3 by Fiorentina on Wednesday despite a convincing win against Parma over the weekend.

At the back, the defensive line isn't doing much better. Both Leonardo Bonucci and new signing Matthijs de Ligt have not been effective at helping their keeper produce clean sheets.

Head coach Andrea Pirlo is not having a grand time in his coaching debut, so far failing to justify his appointment despite lack of experience as a manager.

Meanwhile, everything does not depend entirely on Juventus. AC Milan is blazing through the field and if they stay on their current trajectory, there is nothing that anyone can do to stop them.

Milan has so far been unbeaten this season, with 10 wins and 4 draws from 14 games. They will be facing Juventus in early January, in a match that could play aa big role in determining this season's champion.

However, Inter is trailing just one point behind Milan, and could also just as easily snatch the title away. There is still a long way to go this season, but it is evident that Juventus won't be running away with the title just as they did in the past nine seasons.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo scores for Juventus AFP / Vincenzo PINTO