Hip-hop star Kanye West's charity managed to spend more than half a million dollars in 2010 without making a single donation to a good cause.

Analysis of the Kanye West Foundations test filings by The Daily wesbite revealed that the charity, which aimed to reduce high-school dropout rates, spent $572,383 (£364,207) on assorted expenses.

The foundation, which was closed down last year after failing to balance its books, made $0 in grants and contributions.

According to the tax filings, $339,839 was spent on wages and benefits, with a further $111,250 spent on "professional fees".

Travel expenses accounted for $48,385, with $56,920 labelled as "other expenses".

The charity's Loop Dreams initiative, which aimed to teach children about music production, was the the only programme listed by the foundation as a direct charitable activity.

West made significant donations to the charity from his own pocket, handing over nearly $90,000 in 2010.

The foundation made total grants averaging around $18,080 over 2007, 2008 and 2009, with donations tailing off to just $563 in 2009 as the foundation struggled financially.

West's management would not comment, while the foundation's former executive director Joseph Collins said only that the charity was "in the process of being dissolved".