Prince William and Kate Middleton have asked Jessica Webb to help take care of Prince George.
Prince William and Kate Middleton have asked Jessica Webb to help take care of Prince George. Reuters

Prince William has reportedly asked his former nanny to help Kate Middleton take care of their son, Prince George of Cambridge.

According to the Sunday People, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have approached Jessie Webb to come out of retirement and be their firstborn's charge. The 71-year-old who has no children or a husband of her own, is reportedly tempted to help the royal couple but is concerned about working full-time again.

Webb took care of William and his brother Prince Harry for about five years and has stayed close to them even as they grew up. She was a guest at William's 21st birthday and also attended William and Kate's fairytale wedding two years ago.

"Jessie would be ideal. Everyone likes her. She's discreet and she's of an age when she's not going to have her picture in the papers every five minutes," one royal courtier said.

It was previously reported that William and Kate will not hire a full-time nanny as they want to be "hands-on parents".

"They both accept the view that they won't be able to do it all. There is also a feeling that Kate might lay herself open to criticism if she is seen letting her mother have too much influence," a source said, "William has fond memories of Jessie and they've put the idea to her that she comes back. I think she's very flattered."

Meanwhile, Webb also ensured that the young princes were unaware of Prince Charles and Diana's failed marriage.

"She would stand for no nonsense and would want to do things her way," a former colleague said of Webb, "You had to be tough because being nanny at that time could be a very stressful job. Charles and Diana's ­marriage was breaking down. But she tried her best to keep the boys away from the tears and the rows."

"Jessie was very kind to the boys and William will remember this. Charles was particularly fond of her. Diana, I think, a bit jealous because she was actually more fun. Diana used to make a big thing of the hugs but she also used to slap the boys' legs when they were naughty. Jessie didn't approve," the source added.