Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William, has been invited to stay with her royal in-laws, as the Duke of Cambridge will be away in the Falklands.

William, 29, is expected to remain in the South Atlantic for at least six weeks from February. William, who keeps travelling between martial homes at Kensington Palace and Anglesey, North Wales, will be staying at the RAF Mount Pleasant in Falklands along with 1,2000 soldiers. Since this is an unaccompanied tour, Kate has to remain in England.

Kate has been asked by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall to move into Clarence House so that she won't feel lonely during William's trip in the New Year and they can look after her, according to the Daily Star.

Kate, 29, is believed to be excited and will have a good time with her royal in-laws, as she gets along very well with them and it would be "like a house on fire," a source told the Daily Star.

Charles even called Kate "my darling daughter-in-law" when Kate host a charity party and dinner on behalf of Charles at Clarence House in her first solo engagement.

"Kate gets on well with the in-laws, especially Camilla who is another 'outsider' who has been accepted into the Royal Family. There is little doubt she will spend time with Charles and Camilla during that time. They are genuinely fond of her and want to help her as much as they can," a royal insider was quoted by the Daily Star.