Kate Middleton's new title is now Princess of Wales, and this new role could affect her current wardrobe selections and fashion style. She will be the next Queen Consort after Queen Consort Camilla, and a fashion expert has claimed that, as Kate's role in the monarchy advances, her style will now start to change.

Fashion stylist Miranda Holder described Kate Middleton's style change as reflecting "this new phrase in her royal life" as she prepares for her role as future Queen Consort. She also stated, "It is likely that we will see her wardrobe become more formal and appropriate for her position. Her immaculate outfits will no doubt remain stylish enough to enthral her loyal fashion-loving fans."

"We have witnessed Kate's fresh-faced girl next door appeal morph into a sophisticated and elegant style sensation treading the tricky line between royalty and celebrity in her favourite nude-toned court shoes with panache," Holder added.

The expert also ascertained that Kate Middleton might have to stop wearing certain accessories to fit her new, more formal style. Miranda believes that "the more flirtatious fancier accessories such as hatbands will be fully phased out for more imposing hats and more immaculately cut tailoring in Kate's signature fit and flare style, which complements her graceful figure perfectly."

The new Princess of Wales is expected to be in more muted colours, and solemn prints rather than the fun polka dot prints Kate often wears to attend events like her most recent Wimbledon outing or the Royal Ascot back in June.

Tash Bradley, colour psychologist and director of design at Lick Colour, shared that Kate Middleton seemingly loves polka dot dresses as they are an apt alternative to balancing "elegance and sophistication with the fun and approachable polka dots."

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton can still be expected to wear her favourite clutch bags, as even Queen Elizabeth II herself wore her "iconic" miniature black handbag elegantly for years.

 Duchess of Cambridge
Kate Middleton Getty Images/Eddie Mulholland