A swimmer off the coast of Maine, United States was reportedly attacked by a shark on Monday, July 27. Emergency services in Portland were alerted of the incident. Before the United States Coast Guard rescue boat reached the distressed woman, a couple of kayakers had helped her out of the water. She received emergency medical assistance upon reaching the shore. However, the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. An investigation has been launched into the incident.

At around 3:30 pm local time, the Coast Guard was alerted of a shark attack off the coast of Bailey Island near White Sails Lane in Harpswell. Witnesses in the area claim that they saw the female swimmer getting tossed in the air by something before she was seen in evident distress. Reacting to the alleged shark attack, the people on the kayaks paddled to the woman and brought her to shore.

Emergency medical technicians (EMT) provided medical assistance to the woman. Shortly after she was brought out of the water, the woman succumbed to her injuries. The EMTs pronounced her dead at the scene.

Maine Department of Marine Resources posted details of the incident on their Facebook page. The woman's identity has not been revealed yet, but family of the deceased has been contacted by the authorities. The department stated that details of the incident will be made public as more information comes to light. They pointed out that witnesses alleged the attack was from a shark. Authorities have not confirmed if the woman had been the victim of a shark attack, which is a rarity in the area.

According to Press Herald, the unnamed woman's death could be the first fatal shark attack in Maine. Former University of New England professor and researcher James Sulikowski said that sharks rarely interact with humans off the coast of Maine. The last reported shark attack in the state was in 2010. A commercial diver was attacked by an eight-feet long shark that may have mistaken his camera as prey. The man survived the attack.

Boats and swimmers have been told to stay alert when entering the water in the region.

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A shark attack victim was reportedly tossed in the air by the shark while being fatally mauled. (representational image) Discovery Networks