Over the past few months, we've all gotten to know the key members of Donald Trump's team, from his family to his cabinet choices.

Many of these people have hit the headlines for their political views, ties to Russia and even for just being part of the Trump family.

But among all the controversies, resignations and appointments; a number of more quirkier bits of information have trickled out about some of the inner circle around the president.

The 'eyes' have it

Diplomats working with US Scecretary of State Rex Tillerson were warned not to look at his eyes.

A report in the Washington Post found that: "Many career diplomats say they still have not met him, and some have been instructed not to speak to him directly — or even make eye contact."

The good wife

US Vice President Mike Pence reportedly doesn't dine alone with any woman except his wife Karen Pence.

Painting a picture of the close relationship between the Second Lady and the Vice President, a report said that Karen continues to be one of the main influences in his life. She apparently acts as his 'gut check' and 'shield'.

Stairway to hell

Donald Trump has admitted that he is a germaphobe and has called shaking hands a "barbaric" practice, fearing the flu and "all sorts of things."

But it his alleged fear of stairs that is yet to be confirmed. It is noted that he is often looking at steps when he walks up and down them, even if it is five steps or 50.

There was also a debate over his 'fear' of ramps and stairs when he held onto Theresa May's hand while walking down a small ramp at the White House.

Chew on that

During Melissa McCarthy's portrayal of press secretary Sean Spicer, she emptied an entire packet of chewing gum into her mouth, chewing it into a giant ball.

It seems that Mr Spicer has a particular obsession with the confectionary item. In fact he told the Washington Post that he chews and swallows whole "two and a half packs by noon, I talked to my doctor about it, he said it's no problem."

Did you hear the one about...

Kellyanne Conway has certainly stirred up controversy in her time while working for Mr Trump but, in 1998, she did her best to become the Funniest Celebrity in Washington DC with a cringeworthy stand-up routine that lasts more than ten minutes.

At the end of the clip, Conway drapes herself with a feather boa and sings her own a cappella song "I've got the pundit blues."