Mario Balotelli
Mario Balotelli can be unstable, but that's what makes him a genius, Kenny Dalglish claims.

Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish has claimed that Liverpool would be the perfect place for Mario Balotelli, with the controversial striker believed to be close to sealing a loan move to Anfield.

Balotelli was a surprise target for Brendan Rodgers with the manager having insisted in the past that he wouldn't be going for the AC Milan man as a replacement for the outgoing Luis Suarez.

But having only signed Ricky Lambert to take charge in the frontline, Rodgers has had a change of heart, and despite Balotelli's history of problems on and off the pitch Dalglish believes he's the right choice.

"If, as expected, Liverpool sign Mario Balotelli over the next couple of days the risk is nothing to do with his ability to play," Dalglish told the Daily Mirror.

"What people might have reservations about is the scrapes he used to get involved in on and off the pitch when he was at Manchester City. I have already seen people saying that Liverpool are just swapping one high-maintenance player, Luis Suarez, for another in Balotelli."

He continued: "Out of the frying pan and into the fire is the phrase a lot have been using to describe the move. Well, players who are touched with genius, as both those players are, often have idiosyncrasies.

"It's what makes them a genius in the first place. It's in their make-up. They are different on the pitch because they are different off it."

Balotelli made the move from Manchester City to AC Milan in 2013, and was remembered by Premier League fans for his short temper alongside moments of pure genius on the pitch.

But Dalglish believes that the Italy international has grown a lot since his time in Manchester and with the help of Liverpool's leaders he won't cause the same troubles that saw City become willing to move him on.

"Balotelli was a kid when he was at City but he is 24 now," the former Reds star explained. "Footballers have to grow up fast.

"It is also important that Balotelli will be going into a settled squad that is happy and positive after everything that happened last season. There are strong characters in that squad and I think that will help the player settle in and thrive."