An unmarked police car on an emergency call careered into diners sitting outside a London restaurant. The collision, which took place outside Soho House's Pizza East in Highgate Road, Kentish Town, left two members of the public and two police officers hurt.

The Metropolitan Police said one man suffered non-life threatening injuries and a woman was treated for minor injuries outside the restaurant, with two police officers being treated for whiplash.

The unmarked silver Vauxhall Astra was responding to an emergency call at around 7.45pm on Tuesday (26 July) when it collided with another car at the Sanderson Close junction with Highgate Road. The vehicle then smashed into a bollard outside the pizza restaurant at a high speed.

Both victims are in their thirties, and the other vehicle involved in the crash was stopped with the driver assisting police with their inquiries. Local road closures remain in place.

Freelance newsreader Zora Suleman posted pictures of police and other emergency services at the scene and tweeted: "One minute everyone was chatting and drinking next sirens then a huge bang and ppl (people) screaming". In another tweet she posted: "It was weird-sirens then the bang".

Suleman added that the usually vibrant road was left "eerily" quiet and reported that an ambulance crew were "still checking someone over" past 10pm BST. The incident has been referred to the Met's Directorate of Professional Standards as a matter of course.

A Met Police spokesperson said: "A man, believed to be in his thirties, is in a non-life threatening condition. A woman, also believed to be in her thirties, is being treated for minor injuries. Two police officers in the unmarked police car involved in the collision are also being treated for whiplash injuries.

"The other vehicle involved stopped at the scene and the driver is assisting police with their enquiries. No arrests have been made. Local road closures are in place."