McGeever did not own the £3 million property he lived in before he went missing (Google)

The Irish property tycoon who was held captive for eight months has gone missing again, with family members unaware of his whereabouts.

Kevin McGeever, 68, left hospital in Mullingar where he was being treated for dehydration and malnutrition last Monday (11 February).

However, he left the Midlands Regional Hospital without providing police investigating his abduction a forwarding address, reports the Irish Independent.

McGeever's brother, Brendan, was contacted by the newspaper to arrange an interview with the property tycoon. However, he told them: "I can't help you there. I don't know where he is."

According to the Irish Sun, the phone number he gave gardai does not work and a red alert has been issued on McGeever's passport.

A source told the Sun: "McGeever isn't answering the mobile number he gave gardai. No one knows where he is. He has vanished again."

As well as going missing again, it has also emerged that McGeever did not own the Galway mansion he lived in before his abduction.

The £3 million property, which was known as Nirvana, belongs to a company called Uni-versal Assets Limited, Land Registry papers show.

However, the only firm in Ireland with that name was shut down 14 years ago. A British firm called Universal Assets told the paper it does not own McGeever's mansion and has never had any dealings with the businessman.

Wanted for fraud

McGeever's name was not on any of the property paperwork, with only a solicitors firm listed as a contact.

There is a great deal of mystery surrounding the property developer's disappearance, as McGeever was wanted by Interpol and the FBI before he went missing.

He was wanted for questioning in regards to fraud cases in Los Angeles and Dubai.

Before is disappearance, McGeever had been developing property in Dubai and there are allegations he fraudulently sold properties at addressed that did not exist, or sold the same apartment to several different buyers.

McGeever was found wandering down a country road near Ballinamore at the end of January. He was confused, emaciated and was not wearing any shoes.

He told police he had been thrown from a van by armed men and that he had been held captive in a shipping container for the last eight months.

McGeever said he was fed one ham sandwich per day, was beaten regularly and was told he would be killed many times. According to reports, his captors carved the word thief into his forehead.

He was not reported missing to police as he regularly went away on business. He also appeared to have sent text messages to his partner Siobhan O'Callaghan in the days after he was kidnapped reassuring her he was fine.