Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin
Kim's trip to Russia marks his first abroad visit in more than four years. REUTERS

Kim Jong-un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, has arrived in Russia on a large battle-ready train with plans to attend a rare summit with Vladimir Putin.

This trip marks Kim's first abroad visit in more than four years.

Reports note that the North Korean Dictator was seen arriving at Khasan Station – the main rail gateway to Russia's Far East from North Korea.

According to an anonymous official Russian source, Kim was accompanied by senior arms industry members and military officials.

The meeting between the authoritarian leaders is rumoured to take place tomorrow, Wednesday 13th September, after the Eastern Economic Forum.

After the Eastern Economic Forum, which is being held in Vladivostok, best known for being Russia's port city, it has been predicted that the men will discuss a possible deal that sees North Korea supplying arms for the war against Ukraine.

Choe Son-hui, Kim's Foreign Minister, Jo Chun-ryong, the Munitions Industry Department Director and other prominent defence industry and military affairs members are also expected to attend the delegation.

The location of their gathering is yet to be confirmed.

Michael Madden, who works at the Washington-based Stimson Centre as an expert in North Korean leadership, noted: "The presence of Jo Chun-ryong indicates that North Korea and Russia will conclude some type of agreement for munitions purchases."

"There will be negotiations between two delegations, and after that, if necessary, the leaders will continue their communication in a one-on-one format," Dmitry Peskov, the Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, said.

On Monday 11 September, Washington pleaded with Pyongyang to keep its promise not to sell weapons to Russia. Washington warned that the arms would inherently be used in Russia's attacks on Ukraine, which is a violation of the Security Council resolutions.

On Monday 11 September, Washington pleaded with Pyongyang to keep its promise not to sell weapons to Russia.

The White House's National Security Council spokesperson, Adrienne Watson, declared: "Arms discussions between Russia and the DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) are expected to continue during Kim Jong-un's trip to Russia."

Watson continued: "We urge the DPRK to abide by the public commitments that Pyongyang has made to not provide or sell arms to Russia."

Today, Tuesday 12 September, Peskov was quoted in Russian news outlets, responding to US warnings on any arms collaboration with North Korea.

Peskov shot back, saying: "As you know, while implementing our relations with our neighbours, including North Korea, the interests of our two countries are important to us, and not warnings from Washington. It is the interests of our two countries that we will focus on."

Analysts have recognised that if an arms deal were to take place, Kim would be seeking energy, food aid and advanced technology from Putin.

The advanced technology is expected to be put towards North Korea's satellites and nuclear-powered submarines. If this trade were to happen, the threat posed by North Korea's missile and nuclear weapons programmes would increase.

Exclusive undercover interviews, sourced by the BBC, recently revealed that the population in North Korea are again facing a famine.

In 2020, the government, which is headed by the Kim Dynasty, cut off its borders and stopped the importation of vital supplies.

A woman, who lives in the capital Pyongyang, told the reporters that she knew of a family of three who had starved to death. She spoke to reporters of people who had "committed suicide at home or disappeared into the mountains to die".

On Monday, King Charles III sent a message that congratulated the pariah state on its 75th anniversary. The message is part of the tradition made by the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Despite the threat of an arms deal between Russia and North Korea, King Charles III said: "As the people of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea celebrate their national day, I send my good wishes for the future."