North Korea has asked China to stop the spread of a video mocking its leader Kim Jong-un.

Jong-un is said to be furious with the clip, showing him in humourous guises that include breakdancing with Barack Obama and holding hands with Osama bin Laden walking through a field.

According to the daily news site, The Chosunilbo, insiders in China said that North Korea believe the video "seriously compromises Kim's dignity and authority".

The Russian President Vladmir Putin also appears in the clip, having a sparring fight with Obama.

It is thought to have been created by a Chinese man called "Zhang" from Suzhou, and it includes a Chinese pop hit by the Chopsticks Brothers, as the backing track. It has been viewed by more than 183,500 people since it was published on 11 July.

It is not the first time the dictatorial leader has been satirised this year. In Seth Rogen's new comedy movie, The Interview, Rogen and James Franco play television journalists who are sent to North Korea to assassinate Jong-un. Pyongyang has since written to the White House in protest over its release in October, describing it as the work of "gangster moviemakers" and the storyline as "a wanton act of terror".