A high school in South Joella Province of South Korea tried covering up a serious case of bulling where one of the students urinated in the mouth of a fellow pupil in the school.

According to a report in The Korea Times, the victim belonged to a school identified only as H high school and was abused by three of his seniors for four months, from March to June this year.

The victim's father Lee said that the bullies peed in his son's mouth when he was "lying in a dormitory room at 9.p.m.," in the last week of April.

The boy had reported the matter to his teacher, who had taken it to the school committee.

Following the complaints, the school committee indefinitely suspended and expelled the bullies.

Meanwhile, the parents of the victim were under the impression that due to the severity of the issue, the full matter was reported to the Education Office.

However, during a meeting at the Jeollanamdo Office of Education, when an official was about to conclude the report filed by the school, the boy interrupted and said, "That's not all that happened." It was then that it became apparent that the school had tried to hide the full truth of the matter from the Education office.

"What the school was reluctant to let public, that was the most important and humiliating incident for the boy," an unidentified official from the Jeollanamdo Office of Education said.

He further said that the teacher may have tried to hold back the truth in fear of the consequences that he/she may have had to face.

"Getting a warning from the authorities lowers the chances of a raise and promotion, a critical mishap to be avoided at all costs as an employee," he said.

"We receive the report from the school not the other way around. When we heard the boy, we were as surprised as the parents and the boy," he added.

The official added that tht matter will be thoroughly investigated.