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 Kristen Stewart Heartbroken as Robert Pattinson hooks up with Katy Perry at Coachella? Reuters

The Coachella Music Festival was the last ray of hope for Kristen Stewart for a possible reunion with her lost love Robert Pattinson. However, all her birthday plans went awry when Pattinson was spotted with his 'best friend' Katy Perry while Stewart was nowhere to be seen at Coachella.

What Went Wrong?

When it comes to work, 24-year-old Stewart is a true professional and the music lover had to cancel her Coachella trip as she needed to remain fresh for the shooting of her upcoming movie American Ultra, gossip website Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported.

However, that did not affect the Cosmopolis star, who was seen having a gala time with Perry at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Apparently, Stewart has been left disappointed that she missed a great opportunity to re-bond with her former flame Pattinson, reported.

"Of course she's disappointed that she didn't get to hang out with Rob — that was really the main reason she wanted to go in the first place. But we sent her funny pics and texts and so did Rob. Kristen doesn't care if Rob and Katy spend time together. She knows they are just friends. She just wishes she could have been there, but her works comes first," a friend of the actress told HollywoodLife.

Meanwhile, another close friend of Stewart stressed that the Twilight stars are very much together and share a great understanding.

So what do you feel about the future of Pattinson and Stewart reunion? Has Pattinson moved on and found a better companion in Perry and is it true that Stewart is not jealous of Pattinson and Perry as a couple?

Check out some Twitter photos of Pattinson having fun at the Coachella Music Festival.