Kylian Mbappe has surprisingly admitted that he was so heartbroken and he needed time to cry out his disappointment when his transfer from Paris Saint-Germain to Real Madrid fell through last summer.

It may be remembered that Mbappe's transfer saga was the biggest story of the previous two transfer windows. Many believed that he had signed a pre-contract agreement with Real Madrid over the winter, but by the summer, it became clear that such was not the case. Nevertheless, everyone, even Mbappe himself, thought that he would be able to fulfil his childhood dream of playing for Los Blancos when his contract with PSG expired in June 2022.

However, PSG were determined to keep him at the Parc des Princes, and refused to entertain Real Madrid's offers. "If I had left this summer, it would only have been for Real Madrid," Mbappe confirmed, in a statement that echoes his previous interviews.

The football world was surprised when PSG suddenly announced his contract extension, and even more so to see him smiling with his PSG shirt despite his previous statements. He now confirms that he really did plan to make the move.

"I thought my adventure here was over. I wanted something else. I'd been in Ligue 1 for six or seven years, I'd given everything to Paris and had done well. That was my thought, leaving was the next logical step."

At that time, he shared that he became worried when he found out that PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi had been telling the press that Mbappe would not be leaving the club on a free transfer that summer.

"I was worried at that time. I'm not going to lie," he said, as quoted by Marca. He later realised that it was the club's way of showing him their commitment.

Nevertheless, despite signing a lucrative extension, he admitted that he was heartbroken and was left in tears. Contrary to his photos during the announcement of his extension, he was not happy. "When you want to leave, you're not happy if you stay."

He said that he appreciated the time off after he picked up an injury so that he could grieve. "I got injured with the national team. I went home quickly, had time to cry while I had no games, then I came back, scored, and did well again."

He also maintained his stance that he never wanted to force his exit and burn bridges with PSG. "It would have been ungrateful. I wouldn't have thanked a club that welcomed me at 18 and gave me four great years."

Kylian Mbappe
Kylian Mbappe