Socialist MP Jeremy Corbyn has his name on the Labour leadership ballot after a last-minute scramble saw him secure the support of 35 MPs.

The North Islington MP announced he would stand for the leadership mantle on Wednesday (10 June) less than a week before nominations opened.

On Sunday (14 June), he still needed the support of at least 11 MPs to reach the minimum threshold of 35 but after a frantic dash, he reached the required figure.

The final Labour MP to support Corbyn was Andrew Smith, whom he was seen hugging after finding out he was the 35th and decisive figure to offer his backing.

His campaign manager John McDonnell confirmed the news of Twitter, saying: "As Jeremy's agent I can confirm that he is on the Labour leadership ballot paper with 35 nominations. Thank you everyone."

The rank outsider faces the favourite Andy Burnham (59 votes), Yvette Cooper (56) and Liz Kendall (37) in the race to replace Ed Miliband, under whose leadership Labour was crushed at the general election.

Corbyn has been MP for the north London constituency since 1983 and has previously considered running to become deputy leader.

The 66-year-old stalwart decided to stand after winning the backing of the Labour Representation Committee, a socialist branch within the party.

Candidates will contest in a series of hustings before the winner is announced ahead of the party conference in September.