Prime Minister David Cameron is sure to face a showdown in the Commons over the EU budget, as the Labour Party has just announced that they will back Tory rebels who are saying the amount of money Britain pays into the European Commission should be cut as opposed to being frozen.

This afternoon's Commons debate will decide what Britain wants to do next over the EU's long-term budget. David Cameron reckons it should be frozen in real terms, saying that any above inflation rise isn't the best way forward and he's more than prepared to veto the proposal if it isn't 'acceptable' to the UK. The EU is proposing that the 2014-2020 budget – the Multiannual Financial Framework – has a ceiling of £826bn, that is a 5% rise on the 2007-2013 budget. All countries in the EU have to accept the deal and that's sure to be tricky, especially as countries such as Spain, Greece and Italy are struggling with their own commitments to the EU.

Today's debate is sure to be a real test of Mr Cameron's authority, with dozens of rebel Tory MPs already signing an amendment to the proposal demanding a reduction. Labour's just announced its determination to side with the rebels so it looks likely to be another embarrassing day for the Prime Minister.

Written and presented by Marverine Cole.