Laibach is first foreign band to perform in North Korea Getty Images

Slovenian band Laibach has been invited to North Korea, which would make them the first foreign band to perform in the country.

The controversial avant-garde music group, often labelled as fascist, will be thrilling fans at the Kim Won Gyun Music Conservatory in Pyongyang with two headline performances on 19 and 20 August to celebrate the country's 70<sup>th anniversary as an independent nation.

Known for their dark covers and wearing military uniforms on stage, North Korean authorities have been warned of Laibach's previous "bad boy reputation".

"I have informed the North Korean authorities of their bad boy reputation and reassured them that it is a reputation that can very easily be disproved of," director Morten Traavik, who has arranged the concerts, told the BBC.

"If they were really fascist, why would Poland's cultural ministry recently have asked them to reinterpret partisan songs in Warsaw to commemorate the 70<sup>th anniversary of the uprising against the Nazis in the city?"

Fans have defended the band wearing uniforms as an ironic critique of authoritarianism.

"Both the country and the band have been portrayed by some as fascist outcasts. The truth is that both are misunderstood," he added.

He hopes foreign visitors will, "in the spirit of brotherhood and understanding between the peoples", be able to come and enjoy their concerts, which will feature a cover of North Korean girl group Moranbong Band's hit single We Will Go To Mount Paektu.

Laibach's name is German for Slovenia's capital city, Ljubljana. It was formed in 1980.