Arnold Schwarzenegger is officially back in action, according to the first trailer for The Last Stand.

Directed by Kim Ji-woon, the film looks set to be the sort of no-nonsense action thriller that used to be Schwarzenegger's bread and butter.

He stars as a small-town sheriff whose peaceful drift into retirement is shattered when he hears that a lethal drug baron, who is being tracked by the FBI, is going to pass through the town. Schwarzenegger decides to make a stand.

Judging by the clip, the baron, played by Rodrigo Santoro, has his own private army, while Schwarzenegger has to make use of his local police force, including former Jackass star Johnny Knoxville.

The film doesn't attempt to hide the fact that Schwarzenegger is not the muscular titan he used to be, but he's not shying away from the action. Arnie shoots a man as they both fall off a building, and smashes through walls as if he'd never been governor of California.

The Last Stand also stars Oscar winner Forrest Whitaker, bringing a certain amount of gravitas to proceedings, while veteran character actor Peter Stormare, star of films such as Fargo and The Rock, also features as one of the villains.

The Last Stand is released in January 2013.

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