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A demonstrator holds a sign claiming Mike Brown was murdered by the police Scott Olson / Getty Images

As details of the autopsy of Ferguson teenager Mike Brown leak online there are fears of renewed violence in the St. Louis suburb.

The leaked autopsy report reveals that on 9 August, the 18-year-old was shot a total of six times from close range by Officer Darren Wilson. An accompanying toxicology report also reveals that Brown was under the influence of marijuana at the time of the incident.

"The deceased body sustained multiple gunshot wounds: three wounds to the head, one wound was to the top of the head, right eye and right central forehead area."

One of the shots entered at the "vertex of the scalp" and had a downward trajectory.

There were a further two gunshot wounds to Brown's chest and three more to his right arm and one to his right hand. The report concludes the immediate cause of death were the gunshots to the head and chest.

No decision has been made yet as to whether or not Officer Wilson will be indicted in connection with the shooting, with a grand jury not set to decide by 7 January.

Mike Brown Autopsy Report Leaked
The leaked autopsy report into the death of 18-year-old Mike Brown

Rigor Mortis

Assistant medial examiner Gershom Norfleet who performed the autopsy said that when he arrived at the scene at 2.30pm Brown's body on Saturday, 9 August was cool to the touch and rigor mortis had slightly set in at the extremities.

Norfleet says in his report that he was informed about the shooting at 1.30pm which is roughly 90 minutes after Brown was killed. The official time of death in the report is listed as 12.15pm on 9 August.

The report also details what is alleged to have happened before the shooting based on information provided by a Detective Hokamp from the St. Louis Police Department.

According to Detective Hokamp, Brown became "belligerent" when asked by Officer Wilson to get off the road he was walking down with a friend.

When Officer Wilson attempted to get out of his vehicle, Brown is alleged to have push the door shut. In the ensuing struggle the officer's weapon "was un-holstered" and "the weapon discharged during the struggle."

Brown then ran away and Officer Wilson gave chase, only for the deceased to turn around and run at the police officer. It was at this point, with his weapon drawn that Officer Wilson shot Brown.

The above account of what happened is at odds with several unofficial accounts from witnesses who say that Mike Brown was shot while on his knees in front of Officer Wilson with his hands in the air.

The report also contains a toxicological analysis of Brown's blood which reveals that there were traces of cannabinoids in his system.

The leaking of the autopsy online followed a report in the St Louis Post Dispatch quoting two experts not involved directly in the case but who have looked at the autopsy report and suggest that the evidence points to Brown reaching for the gun held by Officer Wilson - based on a wounds on his thumb.

The leaking of the information surrounding Brown's autopsy could re-ignite an inflammatory situation in Ferguson, where protests have continued for the last two months.

In the wake of Brown's shooting, there were mass protests on the streets of Ferguson which led to riot police and eventually the National Guard being deployed and criticism of the militarised nature of the police response.

A week of sometime violent protests captured the attention of the world and prompted US president Barack Obama to announce the Department of Justice had launched a separate investigation into the death, as well as looking at the Ferguson Police Department.

There are now worries that the leaking of new details, particularly ones which suggest Brown was attempting to grab the officer's gun, could spark a fresh wave of angry protests with some suggesting the marshal law could be enacted if it transpired that Officer Wilson will not face any charges.