A man look at debris on a beach in New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy (Reuters)

Amid the massive devastation it caused in the Caribbean and on the US East coast, Hurricane Sandy washed ashore forgotten memories of a past love.

A 14-year-old was walking on a beach of in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey the day after the area had been torn up by the superstorm, when he came across a small box.

As Patrick Chaney opened it, he found 57 love letters tied with a ribbon dating back to the 1940s'.

Patrick and his mother Kathleen dried the letters in front their fireplace, since their home was one of the thousands left without power by Sandy, and started reading the passionate correspondence that a young couple of lovers exchanged in their years apart between 1942 and 1948.

In those years Dorothy Fallon lived in New Jersey and her beloved Lynn Farnham was staying - for reasons not yet clear - in Vermont.

Dorothy regularly wrote to Lynn until a week before the couple was re-joined in marriage in 1948.

"Well Darling, two weeks from today and we will be married," one of the last letters read, according to NBC 4 New York.

After reading the letters, Kathleen Chaney started looking for the rightful owner.

"I wanted to return them to whoever they belonged to. They're beautiful. She obviously adored him," she told NBC 4 New York.

Unfortunately, as she found, out Lynn had long had died in 1991.

She was still able to track down a niece of the couple, who told her that 91 year-old Dorothy, was living frail health in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Chaney said she was going to post her the letters. "I feel like Dorothy is my aunt as well," she said.

It is not clear who had the letters before and how they were taken by the tempest and returned by the sea.